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Torsten Krieger Torsten.Krieger at krieger-mis.de
Sat Oct 14 08:33:40 UTC 2006

Hi Uwe,
Hi Richard,

thank you for your help.

I' am using the FOX board together with a carrier board which have an RS232
signal converter, so the RX signal is inverted. Additionally I' am feeding
the Sure DFC77 receiver DTR with -12V and RTS with +12V directly from an
DC-DC converter. The LED on the Sure DCF receiver is flashing with ~1Hz, so
it seems to receive the DFC signal from Mainflingen correctly. I do not know
much of the receiver Hardware since it is proprietary and not well
documented, I only know that it receives the raw serial signal with 50 baud.
What's about the pulses you are talking about 0.1 s and 0.2 s? Have I to
concern about the RAW format? Is there a good documentation source about the
DCF77 pulses sent by Mainflingen and about the RAW DCF receivers on tty's in

Many thanks,

Uwe Wrote:
>Hi Torsten,
>OK, i have had a look at the FOX Board docs.
>the serial line ttyS0 is TTL level IO ( 3.3V, 5V tolerant)
>on the break out header.
>Now if you connect your RS232 Level Signals to this
>signal sense is inverted (AND you may ruin the inputs)


Torsten Krieger wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a problem with NTP server version 4.2.2p3 and my embedded Linux
> system FOX Board. I'am using a raw dcf77 receiver from Sure, the receiver
> working fine with my Linux PC but not with my embedded system. I found
> parity check is disable on the Linux PC but not on my embedded system, so
> have also disabled the parity check on the Fox Board, which than results
> the following ERRORS seen in the log file:
> ntpd[83]: parse: convert_rawdcf: parity check FAILED for
> "-###----#--#--#-----S-------P-2----P-2--12-241-4-1---8---8p"
is that one of the receivers were the serial line receives the raw puls
with ~50baud and reads the 0.1s (L) pulse as 'x' and the 0.2s (H) pulse
as 'p' or there abouts?
if yes: is your line sense ok? i.e. is there a (inverting) rs232 receiver in
of RXD or not.
(where) Have you disabled parity check inside ntpd?
> Any idea what is going wrong!
> Many thanks in advanced,
> Torsten
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