[ntp:questions] Re: Using a Symmetricomm 1100 as a reference clock?

jason at extremeoverclocking.com jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sun Oct 15 16:55:47 UTC 2006

Scott Baker wrote:
> Checking the reference clock drivers section I don't see mention of
> this box. Does that mean I'm out of luck? Seems crazy that my
> multi-thousand dollar "time source" can't provide clocking to my IP
> network.

As the other person said, it should have at least a PPS output. If it
doesn't output any sort of other serial data, you can configure NTP to
use a server over the network as your 'prefer' source (to get the
date/time), and then the PPS signal for the fine timing.

Worst case you could open it up and start probing around with an

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