[ntp:questions] Re: Multiple ntp processes?

David Woolley david at djwhome.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 18 06:08:06 UTC 2006

In article <eh3oj3$qu5$1 at hedeland.org>, per at hedeland.org (Per Hedeland) wrote:

> .... and (last but not certainly not least) discipline the local clock
> based on the saved drift value.

Although that doesn't apply on Unix systems using the kernel time discipline,
or, as far as I know, on Windows NT, as the frequency correction is locked into
the kernel by a single call.  (You can use the kernel support to trim out
systematic frequency errors without ever running ntpd, when using Linux.)

The other reasons still apply.

One reason for needing the separate process is that the traditional
implementation of the DNS resolver API in Unix is a blocking library

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