[ntp:questions] How to change STRATUM on linux.

Philippe Dhont (Sea-ro) philippe.dhont at searo.be
Wed Oct 18 07:29:51 UTC 2006



i have debian with ntp installed.

ntp works fine, it synchronizes with another pc (with net time and
crontab), that other pc syncs with internet time server.

i tested it with a ntp client on windows and a ups that can sync its
time with the linux ntp server, works fine...

i also want to sync all my cisco switches with that ntp server but
that's not working and probably because the cisco switch thinks that the
ntp server has stratum 16 (that's what it says in show ntp associations)
so it thinks it is not reliable.

Is there a way so that i can my the cisco thinks that the linux server
has stratum 1 so that it will take that host as reliable and configure
its time with it ?

in other words, how can i change on linux the stratum value ?




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