[ntp:questions] Re: Multiple ntp processes?

Per Hedeland per at hedeland.org
Thu Oct 19 23:24:00 UTC 2006

In article <45353090.2000109 at mindspring.com> floess at mindspring.com (Scot
P. Floess) writes:
>This appears to be specific to sshd.  I found some information someplace 
>(can't remember where) that stated something about sshd/ntpd...  The 
>timing appears to be related to UTC versus my local time.  Of course, I 
>lost the link and can't elaborate more :(
>But sure enough, the odd timings show current time and then current time 
>minus a few hours.  I can reproduce this by simply tailing 
>/var/log/messages...and in an xterm ssh to my box...the timing comes out 
>odd as described...

It's probably the result of the TZ environment variable getting
set/changed at some point in the ssh login (which these days is normally
pretty complex process-wise due to the "privilege separation" used -
there is a "main" sshd daemon running as root as usual, but a
non-privileged sshd process runs the protocol handshake, and then there
is another sshd process that runs as the logged-in user...). Anyway
nothing to do with ntpd, as already established.

--Per Hedeland
per at hedeland.org

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