[ntp:questions] Future of the CHU Time Service

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.isc.org
Wed Oct 25 19:31:56 UTC 2006

The future operation of the time service provided by the National
Research Council Canada's Short Wave Radio Station CHU is in jeopardy.

CHU users should visit the NRC-CRNC's CHU web-page at
(excerpted below) to learn more about the future of this service.

CHU users are encouraged to contact radio.chu at nrc.gc.ca, or mail CHU
Canada K1A 0R6, and express their support for this service.

| NRC Short Wave Station Broadcasts (CHU)
| About the New Messages on CHU October, 2006
| The added messages on CHU are:
| "On April 1, 2007, CHU needs to stop operating, change frequencies, or
| re-licence. Contact radio.chu at nrc.gc.ca or mail CHU Canada K1A 0R6,"
| and
| « En avril 2007, CHU doit soit cesser ses opérations, soit changer de
| fréquence, soit renouveler sa licence. Contactez radio at chu.cnrc.gc.ca
| ou écrivez à CHU Canada, Conseil national de recherches, K1A 0R6. »
| This outreach is to collect information from users of CHU to help
| shape recommendations concerning what should be done concerning
| changes to CHU that will have to be in place by April 2007.
| In April 2007 the licence on 7.335 MHz will have to be modified
| to reflect changes on the status of the band allocation by the
| International Telecommunications Union.
| <snip>
| CHU is entering a phase where major investment in new transmitters
| will be required if it is to be kept operating. In the absence of
| input from the CHU user community, concerning the importance of
| CHU's contribution in the modern world, [closure of the entire CHU
| operation] is an inescapable recommendation.
| <snip>
| Please, if you know of anyone using CHU but not aware of the possible
| changes to its frequency usage, let them know and ask them to contact
| us about any essential uses. Also if you have an important use for CHU
| signals, please tell us how you use our signals.
| We are quite prepared to keep CHU in operation, and we will try and
| make the best case possible to present to all decision makers.

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