[ntp:questions] NMEA / Garmin Etrex ntpd time sync not working

Hal Murray hmurray at suespammers.org
Sat Oct 28 08:57:58 UTC 2006

>I have a question as to why I cant get may garmin extrex to act as a time
>source for ntpd in NMEA mode...

>nmea: timecode 68 $GPRMC,051136,A,4727.1418,N,12209.8054,W,0.0,29.5,281006,18.1,E,A*09
>nmea: timecode 68 $GPRMC,051138,A,4727.1416,N,12209.8053,W,0.0,29.5,281006,18.1,E,A*0E

Those look good to me.

> root]# ntpq -pcrv
>     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
> GPS_NMEA(0)     .GPS.            1 l    -   16    0    0.000    0.000   0.001

The 0 in the reach column indicates that the GPRMC lines are not
getting processed.  I'd guess they are getting rejected by some
sanity check.

Is the time on the box reasonably close to start with?

The configuration with only a NMEA driver is a bit strange.
Can you add a few other servers to see if that will fix things?

You might get more info if you turn on lots of logging/statistics.

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