[ntp:questions] offset > .5 second. What does this mean?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 29 23:55:02 UTC 2006

nicough at gmail.com wrote:
> What does "Time set (offset > .5 second)" mean?
> Does it mean more than 0.5sec but less than 1sec?
> If the time was out by 30seconds, would it still error "Time set
> (offset > .5 second)" ??
> Initially I got "Time service corrected the clock error by 63 seconds"
> in the event log.
> SBS2000, NTP using w32time.
> Thanks
> Nick

We are just guessing here because W32TIME is a Microsoft product.  It 
may make a difference which version of Windows you are using as well.

My guess is that it meant what it said; the clock was set rather than 
corrected by "slewing" and that this was done because the offset was 
greater than 0.5 seconds!  Smaller errors would be corrected by speeding 
up or slowing down the clock (slewing) until the offset became zero. 
The larger offset requires a "bigger hammer".  Slewing is limited, on 
most systems, to speeding up or slowing down by 500 parts per million or 
one half millisecond per second. Correcting a large error at this rate 
could take days!

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