[ntp:questions] offset > .5 second. What does this mean?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 30 12:52:19 UTC 2006

nicough at gmail.com wrote:

> The application in use will fail if the time is out by >2 seconds.
> Does anyone know if "Time set (offset > .5 second)" could potentially
> mean that my clock is out by 3 (or more) seconds?
> On SBS2000 (Windows 2000 Server SP4)
> Nick

I think I've mentioned before that you need to ask Microsoft!  W32TIME 
is a Microsoft product.  Microsoft supports it, to whatever extent it is 
supported.  We don't!

"Time set (offset > .5 second)" undoubtedly means that your time is off 
by more than 0.5 seconds.  The message does not say how much more and I 
would not attempt to guess!!!!

If it's important, I would strongly suggest a more capable tool than 

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