[ntp:questions] NTP MRTG graphs?

Rob van der Putten rob at sput.nl
Wed Aug 1 13:18:34 UTC 2007

Hi there

Dennis Hilberg Jr wrote:

> Like Roger said, you should try RRDtool.  It will do what you are asking 
> for.
> I have my scripts available that I use to create my RRDtool plots.  
> Check out http://saturn.dennishilberg.com/ntp.html for the data plots, 
> and http://saturn.dennishilberg.com/scripts/ntp for the actual scripts.
> Also, be sure to check out Steven Bjork's website 
> http://www.wraith.sf.ca.us/ntp/index.html#monitoring for help with 
> creating RRDtool plots with ntp.  It helped me out a lot with figuring 
> out RRDtool, as documentation alone is not much help.
> The documentation is somewhat helpful though, 
> http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/doc/index.en.html .  But it's much more 
> helpful to see some scripts in action rather than rely completely on the 
> documentation, IMHO.

I have got a weird problem with the frequency. On my Sid box it won't do 
the PPM scale properly;
It just says 74, 74, 74 etc.. Instead of 73.9, 74.0, 74.1, etc.

It's OK on my Sarge box though;

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