[ntp:questions] NTP MRTG graphs?

Dennis Hilberg Jr dont at spam.me
Wed Aug 1 16:53:30 UTC 2007

Rob van der Putten wrote:

> I have got a weird problem with the frequency. On my Sid box it won't do 
> the PPM scale properly;
> http://www.sput.nl/ntpstats/pc5/pc5-ntp-freq.png
> It just says 74, 74, 74 etc.. Instead of 73.9, 74.0, 74.1, etc.
> It's OK on my Sarge box though;
> http://www.sput.nl/ntpstats/rrdtool/sput-ntp-freq.png
> Regards,
> Rob

I have the same issue on my apollo machine.  I believe the problem is the 
positive frequency value, as it seems to have no trouble graphing saturn's 
negative values properly.

At any rate, adding the option '--alt-y-grid' should solve the problem.  I 
put the script I use for apollo's plots in my scripts/ntp directory for an 


Hope that helps,
Dennis Hilberg Jr <timekeeper(at)dennishilberg(dot)com>

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