[ntp:questions] New features for Windows NTP Installer

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-bit.nor-this-bit.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 09:06:37 UTC 2007

Heiko Gerstung wrote:
> David J Taylor schrieb:
>> With my own "restart" file, I do use the Windows "sleep" command
>> (part of the resource kit), so that you can:
>> net stop ntp
>> sleep 3
>> net start ntp
>> sleep 3
>> ntpq -p
>> sleep 7
>> giving you the chance to see that it has started properly, and that
>> some servers have been found.  I needed this on my portable, as NTP
>> would try and start before DNS was working (i.e. before the wireless
>> link had been established).
> Unfortunately I cannot rely on "sleep" being there on every Windows
> PC out there, my trick is to use "ping -n 10 > NUL" to insert 
> a
> ~10s delay between net stop and net start (otherwise the service
> would not start correctly).


>> You /might/ want to add an association between .conf files and
>> Notepad, so that Notepad becomes the .conf file editor.  This should
>> probably be optional, but defaulted "on".
> I will think about this, but I guess I can just hardlink to "notepad
> path\ntp.conf".

Agreed.  I was thinking more of my own system with multiple .conf files to 

>> I also like the idea of a link to the official documentation on the
>> Web. Wherever that is.  <G>
> Oh, the official documentation is per default installed on your local
> disk with the installer. But it can be found at www.ntp.org if you are 
> looking
> for the most recent version :-)
>> I wouldn't add too many menu entries, though.
> I use submenus in order to keeps things small in regards to screen
> space.
> Thank you very much for your feedback!
> Best Regards,
> Heiko


I would suggest having both a link to both a local copy of the 
documentation (entitled "Local documentation" and an online link to 
www.ntp.org entitled "The Network Time Protocol project online".

Sorry, but I would rather have more menu entries than /any/ sub-menus, to 
be honest.  My thinking is: "NTP is simple, and should not need 
sub-menus".  Up to eight or ten menu entries is fine with me.

Thanks for listening.


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