[ntp:questions] Install NTP distribution for Windows...

Heiko Gerstung heiko_removeme_.gerstung at meinberg.de
Thu Aug 2 14:48:59 UTC 2007

raginel_vivien at hotmail.com schrieb:
> Thanks for the answer Heiko, and you're right it's Vivien.
>>> So I've got two questions :
>>> - How can I install the NTP distribution with windows XP?...I've read
>>> a lot about it, but it's always confusing for me...
>> You will have to modify the code and then build your own binaries with MS Visual
>> C++ 6 (or probably a newer version, but I am not sure). If you use our
>> installer, you can simply replace the ntpd.exe it installs with your custom
>> build and do not have to take care of installing it as a service and so on.
> I don't understad exactly wher i can replace the ntpd.exe by my custom
> build, since i can't unchek the ntpd during the instalation. Could I
> just replace the ntpd.exe by my .exe file in the folder \NTP\bin,
> after the instalation ?

Correct. You have to stop ntpd first (net stop ntp), otherwise you would not be 
able to overwrite the file, but that's all.


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