[ntp:questions] ntpq - statistics detalis / Jitter - Offset - Delay

Elio elio.gi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 09:03:48 UTC 2007

Hi to everyone,
i've a question for you.

Someone knows the meaning in detail of the result of the utility program
"ntpq" with the option "-p" ?
What i would understand is:

     - jitter: how the software calculates this parameter
     - offset: what is caclulating with this parameter

For example in a screenshot I've measured:

     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset
*blns064x.bln.sb .GPS.     1 u   11   16    377   44.104   -0.216   0.182
 localhost       .STEP.      16 l    -   1024    0       0.000    0.000

In this case i have a jitter of 0.182 and an offset of -0.216.

What is the measured jitter and offset for the ntpq software?

Thanks to all,
Kind regards,

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