[ntp:questions] Device/device driver to use with PCI-SyncClock32Univ

rodebiet at yahoo.com rodebiet at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 6 18:03:14 UTC 2007

I have some trouble setting up a Brandywine Communications PCI-
SyncClock32Univ as a reference clock in a Linux computer.

refclock_gpsvme.c seems to support the Brandywine Communications PCI-
SyncClock32Univ. The memory map in struct psc_regs do match.

>From the code I understand that I have to make a /dev/refclock0. In
ntp.conf I have added:

What I do not know is what device driver to use.

The PCI-SyncClock32Univ features a PLX Technology PCI 9030 device to
interface with the PCI bus. The Linux driver can be downloaded from
here http://www.plxtech.com/products/sdk

I installed this driver (I tried both v4.40 and v5.10 of the SDK), and
I make a link like this
ln -s /dev/plx/pci9030-0 /dev/refclock0

This makes ntpd exit with a segmentation fault. refclock_gpsvme has an
ioctl uses PSC_REGS as shown here:
#define PSC_REGS        _IOR('K', 0, long)      /* ioctl
argument       */
But this does not result in the base address needed for the memory
map, so a read result ofcourse in a segmentation fault.

The PLX SDK uses the 'P' as magic, so it seems that refclock_gpsvme.c
is designed to use a different device driver than the one provided in
the PLX SDK.

Is there somebody how knows more about this?

Thanks in advance.


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