[ntp:questions] NTP Installer Upgrade

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung at meinberg.de
Tue Aug 7 04:01:11 UTC 2007

Hi Vivien,

can you please let me know which version of Windows you are running? Are 
there any entries in the event log besides the error message you already 


raginel_vivien at hotmail.com schrieb:
> I've just intalled this new version...and suddently my ntpd doesn't
> work anymore
> Windows told me that : "ntpd.exe have detected a problem and have been
> closed" (translation from spanish).
> What could have happened ?
> I tried to reinstaller an earlier version : ntp-4.2.0a at mbg-fluxcap-v2-
> o-win32-setup.exe
> and it works perfectly.
> Vivien.

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