[ntp:questions] Install NTP distribution for Windows...

raginel_vivien at hotmail.com raginel_vivien at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 7 18:11:10 UTC 2007

> You can create a few statistical files, thepeerstatsfile should do the trick
> here. However, I am not sure about the xmit timestamp value ...
> Regards,
> Heiko

As you already know i've installed NTP with the Meinberg Installer,
but i didn't get how you can produce peerstatsfile...

Here my conf file :

# NTP Network Time Protocol
# Configuration File created by Windows Binary Distribution Installer
Rev.: 1.18  mbg
# please check http://www.ntp.org for additional documentation and
background information

# Use drift file
driftfile "C:\Archivos de programa\NTP\etc\ntp.drift"

# your local system clock, could be used as a backup
# (this is only useful if you need to distribute time no matter how
good or bad it is)
# but it should operate at a high stratum level to let the clients
know and force them to
# use any other timesource they may have.
#fudge stratum 12

# Use specific NTP servers
server ***.***.**.**

# End of generated ntp.conf --- Please edit this to suite your needs

By the way I'm using a specific server.

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