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Fri Aug 10 19:15:52 UTC 2007

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david at ed.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid (David Woolley) writes:
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>Aggie <c.kevin.lam at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Machine Check
>Machine check should never be the result of software problems (except
>kernel ones which leave the hardware in a diagnostic mode).  It means
>you have a broken CPU, memory, or other core part of the hardware.

Are you knowledgeable enough about VxWorks to know exactly what
conditions it would report as "Machine Check"? You may well be right (in
principle and/or in practice), but from my experience with VxWorks
(several years old, muddled by less than perfect memory), that's the
kind of message you would get whenever you did something that would
result in "segmentation fault" or "bus error" on Unix - basically any
kind of invalid memory access. Most commonly dereferencing a NULL

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