[ntp:questions] FreeBSD refclock error

David Newman dnewman at networktest.com
Mon Aug 13 00:05:32 UTC 2007

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On 9/6/06 10:46 PM, Terje Mathisen wrote:
> David Newman wrote:
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>> Garrett Wollman wrote:
>>> In article <44FF015A.6060600 at networktest.com>,
>>> David Newman <dnewman at networktest.com> wrote:
>>>> refclock_newpeer: clock type 26 invalid
>>>> This is with the stock install of FreeBSD; I didn't install ntp from
>>>> ports, and I have not recompiled the kernel. (If I do need to recompile
>>>> the kernel, please let me know what option(s) to use.)
>>> You need to recompile ntpd.  FreeBSD ships ntpd by default without
>>> refclock drivers.
>> - From ports? From source? Either way, where do I spec compile-time
>> option(s), and which option(s) do I need for the 58503A?
> 'Use the Source, Luke!'
> I.e. by all means grab the official distribution from
> http://www.ntp.org/ ! FreeBSD is pretty much _the_ preferred platform
> for the reference installation.

Apologies for what is basically a FreeBSD question: How to ensure that
the ISC distro and not the one included with FBSD gets started on boot?

Some 11 months after the above thread I finally got around to grabbing
the ISC source and building it to support an HP 58503A GPS receiver as a

The good news: The ISC build installs into /usr/local/bin/ntpd and sees
the HP receiver just fine.

Now the problem: The startup script in /etc/rc.d/ntpd points to the
existing binary in /usr/sbin/ntpd. Even if I edit the rc.d file (a bad
idea, since I presume the script may be overwritten during upgrades),
the script still calls /usr/sbin/ntpd and not the ISC version that's in

Again, apologies for the FreeBSD-for-dummies question, but what's the
right way to get the ISC version to start each time this system reboots?
Do I just take the ntpd_enable out of rc.conf and add my own stuff to

This is for ntpd 4.2.4p3 on FBSD 6.2-RELENG on i386.



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