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Kevin Oberman oberman at es.net
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> On 8/14/07 5:51 AM, Jason Rabel wrote:
> >> ACK, thanks also for these tips.
> >>
> >> Next newbie question: Is ".GPS." the correct refid I should see?
> >>
> >> lancelot# ntpq -p
> >> remote      refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset jitter
> >> =====================================================================
> >> *time.domain.tld .GPS.  1 u   33   64  377    0.746  -40.803 20.547
> >>
> > 
> > The 'refid', in this case 'GPS' is the source which time.domain.tld is
> > synced to. If it was synced to another NTP server then it would list its IP
> > there. You really should use more than one server to sync to... 4 is
> > generally the recommended minimum.
> > 
> Thanks. Yet more newbie questions:
> 1. Is it better to (a) list 4 sources on the box with the GPS receiver
> attached and just one source on all client boxes that point to it for
> ntp, or (b) list 4 servers on all boxes?

b) It's always best to have 3 (or more) servers for any box running ntp
as it allows the detection of broken servers and helps retain stability
in the event the stratum 1 server has a problem. 1 is a bad number as it
is a single point of failure. 2 is a bad number as it provides no clear
way of detecting who is wrong if the time starts drifting on one of the
> 2. If (b) should I use the "prefer" directive to query the GPS-based
> server first?

No reason as it is stratum 1 and lower stratum clocks (and 1 is the
lowest) are always preferred over stratum 2 or higher.

If you have both your GPS and an external stratum 1 server, you might
want to prefer the internal one, but it would most likely be preferred
anyway as it would likely have lower delay (latency) and jitter.
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