[ntp:questions] refclock_gpsvme.c from True Time GPS-VME to Brandywine PCI-SyncClock32

rodebiet at yahoo.com rodebiet at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 15 17:09:13 UTC 2007

On 15 aug, 07:04, hal-use... at ip-64-139-1-69.sjc.megapath.net (Hal
Murray) wrote:
> >Why not assigning a new driver number for PCI-SyncClock32 and add a
> >refclock_psc.c?
> It's a minor pain to maintain a driver.  If it's reasonable, it's
> much simpler ovarall to make a single driver support several
> versions of hardware.
> My guess is that the hardware out on the board is pretty much the
> same between VME and PCI.  If so, the ntp driver may not even
> know which type of board it is talking to.  The OS driver just
> has to present the same APIs.

In general, what you say is true.
In this case, there is absolutely no similairity between True Time GPS-
VME and Brandywine PCI-SyncClock32. The only link between the two
units is that they are both used by the USNO.

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