[ntp:questions] ntp.conf

Hal Murray hal-usenet at ip-64-139-1-69.sjc.megapath.net
Tue Aug 21 08:54:04 UTC 2007

>> Here's what I want to do. I want to change the clock on my client
>> machine will automatically adjust when I change the clock on my server
>> machine. And I also want to record the statistics.

>You are in the wrong place, then.  ntpd has various defences against 
>machines that suddenly change their idea of the correct time!  These
>include, for large enough changes, terminating itself.  For medium
>size changes it will wait a long time to confirm that there really is
>nothing that is consistent with what it thinks is the time.

>Basically, UTC time does not change arbitrarily.

>I'm not aware of any time synchronisation protocol optimised to transfer
>steps, like this.

ntpdate from a cron job might work.  Or rather the equivalent
using ntpd and the right magic flags.

I think the key question is how closely he wants/needs the client
to track the server.

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