[ntp:questions] Client taking a long time to sync after clock changed

Merit Wilkinson meritw at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 23:49:47 UTC 2007

Hello all,
We have a small isolated NTP subnet with two stratum 1 servers.  As
part of a test we reset the clock on one workstation backwards two
minutes.  ntpq immediately showed the offset (and claimed it was still
synchronized to one of the servers) but it took about 14 minutes until
it was suddenly corrected with one step.
We're using ntp 4.1 built for win32.  Here is the clients ntp.conf:
disable auth
tinker panic 0

server sn-a maxpoll 4 minpoll 4 burst
server sn-b maxpoll 4 minpoll 4 burst
I added the maxpoll and burst options in an attempt to get this time
down.  It was similar before I changed it.

Does this seem normal?  Is there some way I can reduce this time?

Note, I realize this isn't a particularly valid test, hopefully no one
is going around changing the system time (or has permission to do so)
but it got written into the test procedures...


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