[ntp:questions] "autokey URL" question

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Aug 26 21:25:24 UTC 2007

Mike Toler wrote:
> Someone in my organization suggested using "autokey URL" for pushing
> down the keys from our internal time server to the clients and it's been
> pushed down to me to implement it.   Now, I can't find anyone who even
> knows who started the push for this.  <sigh> 
> Simple questions first.
> Does anyone know exactly what is meant by "using autokey URL"?  Is it
> just having a web page that can be accessed to give you the IFF key for
> the server based on your password?  

There is no such thinh as an autokey URL. We did set up a Web page which
allows you to request an autokey for a specific server. You need to
enter some information and you get back a key which you then need to
save into the appropriate directory for ntpd to use when it reads the
ntp.conf config file.

Steve, should be back tomorrow and will be able to explain how he
implemented this.

> Or is it deeper than that (i.e. the DNS client itself going out to get
> the information on an as required basis)?

DNS knows nothing about this nor should it expect to.

> Has anyone here done this already and is willing to share the knowledge?

See above.


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