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Wed Aug 29 03:07:50 UTC 2007

Redwood City, CA - August 28, 2007 - The NTP Public Services Project
(http://support.ntp.org) is pleased to announce a move to domain
names which clearly reflect its association with the NTP Project
(http://www.ntp.org). Migration of support resources to these new domain
names is complete; the NTP Public Services Project TWiki, Bug Tracking
System (Bugzilla), and Mailing Lists are now operating as sub-domains of

The new URLs for NTP Public Services Project resources are:

    * TWiki - http://support.ntp.org
    * Bugzilla - http://bugs.ntp.org
    * Mailing Lists - http://lists.ntp.org

The NTP Public Services Project will support the use of legacy domain
names for the foreseeable future but encourages users to update their
bookmarks, address books, and documents containing embedded links.

*About The NTP Public Services Project*

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) Public Services Project, which is
hosted by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (http://www.isc.org/),
provides support and additional development resources for the
Reference Implementation of NTP. The available resources include:

    * Community Supported Documentation
    * Issue / Bug Reporting
    * Mailing Lists
    * Public Time Server Lists
    * Reference Implementation Downloads

The NTP Public Services Project, supported by the donations of
generous sponsors and volunteers, operates independently from The
NTP Project. For more information please visit our web-site at

NTP Public Services Project Contact: Harlan Stenn, stenn at ntp.org

*About The NTP Project*

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) Project conducts Research and
Development in NTP and produces the Reference Implementation of NTP
along with the Implementation Documentation. The NTP Project maintains
background information about NTP, including briefings and a
bibliography, and the NTP FAQ. For more information please visit
our web-site at http://www.ntp.org/

NTP Project Contact information is available through http://www.ntp.org/

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