[ntp:questions] High-precision synchronization between two computers

Bruno.OBSOMER at thalesaleniaspace.com Bruno.OBSOMER at thalesaleniaspace.com
Tue Aug 28 12:26:45 UTC 2007

Hello everybody.

For a little project, I have two computers which need to be as best 
synchronized as they could be. I tried to use ntp for that. I defined the 
first one as a time server. The second one use the first one as unique 
time server (I know that several time servers is recommended, but I don't 
need perfect time, only perfect synchronization). When I run ntpdate on 
the client, all work fery well. To achieve best synchronization, I run it 
several time and it gives me precision up to 0.000001 seconds (which is 
very very well). The problem is that I don't want to run ntpdate from a 
cron job since I cannot have any steps (unless at run time). So I use 
ntpd, but it seems not to work since the difference between the two clocks 
becomes bigger and bigger. 

What can be the problem? How could I solve this?

I still have to add that the two hosts have a 100Mb ethernet connection 
just for them, so traffic load is not really a problem for me...

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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