[ntp:questions] NTP with Authkey working only when ntpd started as root??

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 29 19:06:08 UTC 2007

Mike Toler wrote:
> I have several blades in a server that need to timesync off of another
> server.
> I've setup the authkey information correctly and if I start the ntpd on
> the client blade WITHOUT using the authkey code, it starts up and syncs
> with the time server no matter how I start the daemon (i.e. start as
> root from command line, or start as ntp:ntp from redhat init.d).
> When I add the "authkey" tag for the server in the ntp.conf file, and
> start as root, everything works fine.  The client authenticates with the
> server,  "ntpq -c lpeer" shows low jitter and eventually, the "ntpq -c
> as" shows the status of "sys.peer".
> But if I let the redhat daemon controller start he process (or if I
> start it by hand with "-u ntp:ntp"), it never syncs up.  I see the
> following when I add in the "-d" command line options (IPs changed to
> mask the guilty :-)
> Using Wireshark, the IFF Ack message from the Server arrives back to the
> client machine (i.e. I see it on the interface) but it never gets back
> to the process itself.

Does ntpd have read access to the keys file when not running as root?

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