[ntp:questions] NTP and Daylight Savings

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Jan 7 22:44:33 UTC 2007

Dave Capuano wrote:
> All,
> Does NTP currently handle the Daylight Savings Changed Congress
> passed in an energy bill in August
> 2005(http://energy.senate.gov/public/_files/ConferenceReport0.pdf)
> that extends Daylight Savings Time by several weeks.
> I know that beginning in 2007, Daylight Savings Time will start on
> the second Sunday of March and end the first Sunday in November and
> wanted to find out if NTP will handle these upcoming changes?

Contact your O/S vendor. NTP doesn't know what Daylight Savings Time is.
It uses UTC *only*.

I suggest you contact Luke Howard within Novell.

> Dave

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