[ntp:questions] Stratum goes back to 16 all the time

independence independence at blinkenlights.se
Sun Jan 14 09:28:57 UTC 2007

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> If your stratum is at 16 it means your machine is not syncing with anything.
> Have you read and followed the instructions at http://ntp.isc.org/Support
> (especially the chapters on Configuring NTP, Starting NTP, and
> Troubleshooting NTP)?
> H

I changed some configuration options, like adding iburst etc that was
suggested, so it's not stratum 16 as often as before, but it still goes
back to 16 every now and then.
It seems like my server is unable to answer to queries sometimes, maybe
because of packetloss.
I got an email off this list where someone said that NTP was designed
when networks was usually not very stable, and packetloss was common.
But still, my server doesn't seem to handle this very well.

This is my peers list now:
ntpq> peers
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset
-nissan.ifm.liu. .PPS.            1 u   12   64    3   28.275  -259.30
+timmy.lysator.l .GPS.            1 u   33   64    3   29.503  -234.20
+timehost.lysato .GPS.            1 u   24   64    3   30.316  -242.76
*Time1.Stupi.SE  .PPS.            1 u   45   64    3   24.547  -228.69
+ntp1.sth.netnod .PPS.            1 u   17   64    3   30.314  -244.02
-ntp2.gbg.netnod .PPS.            1 u    5   64    7   30.375  -218.94

And it seems like the stratum has gone back to 16 just now :(

I'm running NTP v 4.2.2p3 on Gentoo Linux.

This is in my configuration file:

server nissan.ifm.liu.se iburst
server timmy.lysator.liu.se iburst
server timehost.lysator.liu.se iburst
server time1.stupi.se iburst prefer
server ntp1.sth.netnod.se iburst
server ntp2.gbg.netnod.se iburst

I do have a static IP address, it has been the same IP for about half a
year now.

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