[ntp:questions] Trimble Acutime Gold

Jon K Hellan jon.kare.hellan at uninett.no
Tue Jan 16 11:32:16 UTC 2007

Trimble has a new "GPS smart antenna" - Acutime Gold. 

Whilst the Acutime 2000 has an RS-422 to RS-232 conversion box, the
Acutime Gold comes with with an RS-422 to USB conversion box. It is
supposed to achieve at least the same accuracy using the TSIP protocol
(Palisade ntp driver) as the old Acutime 2000.

I thought USB inevitably gave poorer precision than
RS-232. Apparently, I was wrong. How do they do it?

Does anybody have experience with this unit?

Does anybody have experience with it with ntp on Linux or FreeBSD? On
windows, it uses a totally standard FTDI USB/serial driver, so it
should work. But how well?

(Yes, I know that we could also use the TTL PPS output and a level

Jon K Hellan
UNINETT, Trondheim, Norway

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