[ntp:questions] Synchronizing Linux clients with Windows Server 2003 NTP

Ry malayter at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 15:39:25 UTC 2007

george_joby wrote:
> Our requirement is all our linux and nonstop systems synchronise to the
> Windows 2003 server. We do not want Windows to syncronise with an
> external clock and it should just synchronise with its internal clock.

As many others have stated, the configuration you wish to use is not
what NTP (or even w32time) were designed to do, and is very likely to
be troublesome. Without an external time reference, and at least SP1 on
Windows 2003, I am not sure the configuration you desire (w32time as
the master) can be made to work at all.

Could you explain why the built-in w32time on the Win2003 server must
be the "master" clock? If you're going to forgo synchronizing to UTC,
you must pick one machine's internal clock to be the master for the
network. In your situation, making one of the UNIX-like systems running
the "real" NTP your master is the best solution. You then configure the
Win2003 box to get time from that as a client. Or as others have
stated, install the Windows version of the "real" NTP at make it the
master (at stratum 10 or higher).

If you insist on trying to use w32time as the master, you can look at
the link below for some possible Windows-side tweaks that you might be
able to use:
If the Windows server is not a Windows domain controller, it is
probably not serving valid time at all. You need to set the
to 1. You could also try using the "Always a reliable time server"
registry or group policy settings that might make the w32time system
trick the UNIX-like systems into synchronizing with it.

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