[ntp:questions] Servers with identical ntp.conf keep falling out of sync

Ry malayter at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 16:05:39 UTC 2007

Steve Kostecke wrote:
> > They also come with the expectation that software be
> > forward-compatible, and mostly backward-compatible.
> Oh, like Microsoft's continually mutating data formats?

I assume you're talking about MS Office file formats with this one. And
*every* version of Office has read files from previous versions just
fine. So the "forward comaptibiltiy" is there.

Also, every version of office has been able to save in older versions
as well (backwards compatibility, too, although not always by default,
which is where a lot of the "issues" came from).

This has been true since I've been working in IT (back in the MS Office
v4.x days on Windows 3.1).

But we're way off-topic here.

I guess my basic point is that NTP is in extremely widespread use now
(it's in almost every Linux distro), so consideration must be given to
the fact that there are plenty of inexperienced people that have to
administer the software. Config keyword changes that are only
documented in the source code and on a website don't make things easy
for someone just trying to get NTP working. I could find no mention of
"notrust" in the NTP 4.2.0 changelog.

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