[ntp:questions] Linux/Solaris- see connections from clients?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Jan 19 22:31:29 UTC 2007

Stefan Lasiewski wrote:

> I'm in the process of migrating our local NTP server (Solaris) to a new
> set of machines (Linux).
> I've migrated all of the known NTP clients to use the new NTP servers.
> However, I want to ensure that I haven't forgotten anything, and that
> However, before I shut down the old NTP server, I want to ensure that
> no clients are connecting to the old NTP server.
> Is there a way within the xntp daemon on the server to log all incoming
> client connections to this NTP server? I'm periodically monitoring for
> network connections using netstat, but NTP connections are not
> persistent, and I might be missing these NTP connections.
> In ntp.conf, I set the following, but I'm not seeing any output from
> clients:
> logconfig =syncall +clockall +sysall +peerall
> I appreciate your help.
> -= Stefan

ntpdc -n -c sysinfo -c peers -c monlist

I haven't tried it but I think all you really need is "-c monlist".

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