[ntp:questions] disable pll not working?

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 22 17:25:52 UTC 2007

Stifi wrote:

> sorry, here once again the manpage section in a better readable format:
> pll          enable
> Enables the server to adjust  its local  clock.  If  not  set,  the
> local  clock  free-runs  at   its intrinsic   time   and  frequency
> offset. This flag  is  useful  in case  the  local  clock  is
> controlled by some other  device  or protocol  and NTP is used only to
> provide synchronization to  other clients.

All right, which "other device or protocol" controls the local clock?

If you are trying to serve your unsynchronized local clock, using NTP is 
rather like using a Rolex watch to compensate for one leg of your desk 
being an eighth of an inch shorter than the other three!!

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