[ntp:questions] Apple Mac mini instabiliy

Dmitry Ivanov dimss at telecentrs.lv
Wed Jan 24 15:23:04 UTC 2007


I am migrating from Linux workstation to Mac mini (Intel 1.66 GHz). I  
like most of this computer and this OS. The only thing is really  
wrong: ntpd performance.

Our three local NTP servers are stratum-2 and their offset usually  
does not exceed 2-3 ms.

First, I have tried "official" way of using NTP on Mac OS X. This  
resulted in ~600 ms offset after 24h of operation.

OK, I have created my own ntp.conf and restarted "Network Time"  
service. My old Linux box has the same configuration with three local  

After several hour of operation, Mac mini still has 64 sec. polling  
interval. At the same time Linux box has reached 1024 sec.  Frequency  
displayed by "ntpq -c rv" is drifting between 6 and 8 all the time...

What is wrong with Mac mini clock? Do other Macs have the same  

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