[ntp:questions] Reg NTP client

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Jan 28 03:05:37 UTC 2007

Namazhwar, Baskar wrote:
> I have configured one of my system as ntp server
> My configuration in server(
> server  navobs1.mit.edu
> fudge stratum 10
> restrict nomodify
> restrict
> I tried to configure NTP client that sync time from
> So I configured my client as
> server
> fudge stratum 11
> restrict nomodify
> restrict
> When I try to run ntpdate -u in client side I am getting
> ntpdate[30723]: no server suitable for synchronization found
> What Is the reason
> Why myclient doesn't takes as as server

What is the output from ntpq -p when you run it locally on What is the result when you do ntpq -p on
the client?

What version of ntpd are you running? What operating system are you
running and what version?

Do you have a firewall and is it set up to accept packets on port 123/UDP.

> Please reply to this mail
> This is urgent

Sorry, but we don't consider anything like this as urgent unless we get
paid for it.


> Thankyou
> Regards

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