[ntp:questions] nptq -p slowness

Tom Smith smith at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jan 30 04:38:43 UTC 2007

Ronan Flood wrote:
> Harlan Stenn <stenn at ntp.isc.org> wrote:
>>Richard> The bug is that ntpq should not be interpreting the refid at all!
>>Richard> It's a text string, not an IP address and should not be treated as
>>Richard> one.  Yes, sometimes the refid IS an IP address but it still should
>>Richard> be treated as a simple text string!
>>How can the code tell the difference between a refid that is a string and
>>one that is an IP address?
>>I want to stop doing this resolution altogether, but the last time I asked
>>Dave about this he said he wanted to keep the lookup in place, even though
>>it is only useful for IPv4.
> I've just tried a test with ntpq 4.2.4 and I do not see this behaviour
> of looking up the refid in the DNS for ntpq -p, or ntpq -np.  ntpq -p
> does show lookups for the PTRs of the server IPv4 addresses in my host
> config and A lookups for the corresponding names.  However I'm running
> ntpd 4.2.2 not 4.2.4, so could the refid lookups be in ntpd?

OK. Here's a stupid question. Under what possible circumstances,
with what possible refid, would an A record lookup be meaningful
in the first place? I agree with the (at least one) previous poster
that the IPV4 PTR lookup is often helpful.


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