[ntp:questions] nptq -p slowness

Ronan Flood usenet at umbral.org.uk
Wed Jan 31 12:42:03 UTC 2007

mayer at ntp.isc.org (Danny Mayer) wrote:

> What the code DOES do and should not do is the following:
> a) try and convert the refid into an intenet name for the address, ie a
> DNS lookup;
> b) if that fails and the length of the refid data is <= 4 assume it's a
> refclock code (like GPS) and surrounds it with dots.
> It's a) which causes the problem and is completely unnecessary.

But a) shouldn't do that: decodenetnum() calling getaddrinfo() with
AI_NUMERICHOST is effectively just a check that it is a syntactically
valid IP address -- there should be no DNS lookups generated.

The original query seems to have come from someone with a broken OS,
or perhaps using a different version of ntpq.

Ronan Flood <usenet at umbral.org.uk>

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