[ntp:questions] Time steping regardless of "-x" slew only option

Tom Smith smith at cag.zko.hp.com
Mon Jul 2 15:39:46 UTC 2007

vwvr6vw wrote:
> I think to perform a jump NTP calls the unix routine adjtime() saying
> "adjust by 500ms".  AIX itself, under the covers, does not apply this
> all at once, but rather applies it at a 100ms/second rate.  That is
> why NTP continues to report that a big offset still exists, over the
> next few seconds.

So it's not actually doing a step, then, and "-x" is doing what it's
supposed to. What would otherwise be a step is carried out as
an adjtime() rather than as a settimeofday() (or equivalent),
despite the misleading message in the log.

The question remains, though, of why it needed a 1/2 second correction
in the first place. I think I'd look at your server for that answer.


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