[ntp:questions] Time steping regardless of "-x" slew only option

vwvr6vw brian.l.hostetler at lmco.com
Mon Jul 2 17:47:58 UTC 2007

By my definition, modifying time by 1/10 second every second for 5
seconds is not "slewing time".

I'm trying figure out why we have the need to step time now by
stopping AIX trace on the NTP client and server when a step occurs on
the client.  I'm seeing poor reach values in the ntpq output some
times, so I'm thinking this could be network delays.

We also found that the version of ntp we are using is supposed to
support adding the text "slewalways on" to the ntp.conf file instead
of using "-x" on the command line, so I am testing this now.

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