[ntp:questions] I have a Linux distribution here who has NTP, and its version is ntp-4.2.2p3

gregg dot drwho8 atsign gmail dot com gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 21:29:05 UTC 2007

As you can see from the subject, this message concerns itself with
version ntp-4.2.2p3. Essentially I need to find out if this one needs
any of the patches from kernel.org to properly support the PPS
functions, as outlined both in that server, and online in a different
location, link on request.

The distribution, Slackware I am using is at version 11.0 for the
moment, and its at kernel rather then that the
patch needs. This is from PPSkit-2.1.7.

However, the 2.4 series kernels are now in maintenance mode according
to both kernel.org and a leading magazine on Linux. That is there are
newer releases of that series, but definetly not as frequently as say
the 2.6 series.
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