[ntp:questions] Slightly OT: Looking for good GPS PCI time sources

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Mon Jul 9 06:51:16 UTC 2007

Hi Perry.

Garmin has receiver that gives PPS signal, GPS 18 LVC, and it is quite affordable

I don't know if it will give you enough precision, but at the moment my S1 built on it has an offset within 0.3msec from a Symmetricom NTS-200 in Stockholm which is about 250km away. 

Here's a page I made about how to make your own NTP-server with the Garmin receiver.

At some point I've heard that, to achieve really high precision on PC-hardware you either have to run BSD or patch your Linux kernel and then add a high precision RTC-hardware (like rubidium or something) to your PC. Maybe our NTP-experts here on the mailinglist can verify if thats correct or not.


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>Ämne: [ntp:questions] Slightly OT: Looking for good GPS PCI 
>time sources
>I'm building a system for a client to measure network 
>latencies in a distributed system very accurately -- 
>microsecond accuracy is desired (though I suspect in practice 
>we'll end up doing a bit worse). To do this, I need to get 
>high quality clock sources for the machines doing the 
>measurement. One obvious choice would be PCI cards that 
>synchronize to GPS.
>I figure if any group has significant experience with such 
>devices, this one would -- anyone have any recommendations? 
>Also, can anyone think of another reasonable way to get this 
>sort of accuracy on stock PC hardware?
>One consideration might be whether the cards in question allow 
>readout of the time as a single atomic operation -- if they 
>don't, one can't (for example) read the time without worrying 
>about locking...
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