[ntp:questions] Installing more stable oscillator?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Sun Jul 15 19:14:45 UTC 2007


Some time back I received a message that presented data showing that 
Windows NTP could discipline the clock comparable to BSD systems. I have 
no other evidence supporting that claim.


David J Taylor wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> []
>>I've no personal experience with the GPS18LVC.  The reports I've read
>>seem to be generally favorable.  It's usually possible to "do better"
>>but, unless you are fabulously rich, doing better has to be tempered
>>with some common sense.  You also need to consider what your computer
>>and O/S are capable of.  Some can actually synch up within a
>>microsecond or two; others keep time to within seventeen
>>milliseconds!  The latter, of course, are Windows systems!
> My monitoring suggests that Windows systems can do considerably better 
> than 17 milliseconds:
>   http://www.david-taylor.myby.co.uk/mrtg/daily_ntp.html
> especially those not subject to significant heavy usage.
> David 

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