[ntp:questions] Installing more stable oscillator?

Dennis Hilberg Jr dont at spam.me
Mon Jul 16 02:09:45 UTC 2007

Pete Stephenson wrote:
> Ah, see, my familiarity with Linux does not extend to kernel patching. 
> If I knew how, that'd be something I'd definitely do.
> Are you aware of any references that might be helpful?

I've yet to be completely successful at recompiling and booting a Linux 
kernel.  I've got to the point where it will compile with no problems, but 
booting it successfully is another matter.

After spending multiple hours reading various incomplete (apparently) 
how-tos on the web, and then a couple hours going through the make 
menuconfig, waiting the hour or whatever it took for the kernel to compile, 
having the new image not boot properly was pretty frustrating.

The last time I tried dealing with the kernel, after I did a 'make modules' 
and 'make modules_install', I got tons of dependency errors on the reboot 
and ended up having to reinstall the root file system.

I'd rather install and learn a new OS (FreeBSD) if I decide to run a 
refclock since it has built-in PPS support, rather than mess with the PPSkit 
and the Linux kernel patching.

I've tried recompiling a Linux kernel various times since I've been using it 
(since about 2000 or so), but my lack of success has convinced me it's not 
worth it.  Plus there seems to be a lack of complete and detailed how-tos 
out there on the subject.  One can only RTFM if complete and accurate 
manuals actually exist.

Let me know if you find a good tutorial and are successful at recompiling.

Sorry to hijack the thread. ;)
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