[ntp:questions] Installing more stable oscillator?

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Mon Jul 16 03:49:16 UTC 2007

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> It is certainly not as sensitive as the active antenna on my other GPS 
> system.  The latter will work indoors (at the top of the house, through 
> the roof material) quite comfortably, whereas the GPS-18 needs a direct 
> view of some clear sky.  At one stage, I had the GPS-18 just outside the 
> window with a 50% maximum sky view:

Very promising indeed. I presume the GPS 18 is rated for outdoor service 
in all weather? Here in Tucson, AZ, we can have a wide range of 
temperatures (usually from "hot" to "make the giant ball of nuclear fire 
in the sky go away") and it can rain from time to time (as I type this, 
it's pouring rain outside).

I have zero familiarity with FreeBSD, but a fair degree of patience and 
a goodly amount of beer in the fridge. The configuring of NTP itself 
shouldn't be a problem, and the hardware issues relating to getting the 
GPS unit wired up and connected should be reasonably easy[1].

I'm ashamed to admit that the bulk of my computer experience is with 
Windows and Mac OS systems, and I've only recently begun to tinker a bit 
with Debian and Ubuntu linux (specifically with the apt-get method of 
software installation). FreeBSD looks a bit scary and different.

This'll be fun.

[1] I have some friends at the chemistry department electronics shop at 
the University of Arizona who said I can use their stuff at no cost, and 
can pester them for knowledge as needed. Hooray for previously working 
in the Computer & Graphics Facility right above them.

Pete Stephenson

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