[ntp:questions] Installing more stable oscillator?

Brian Garrett mgy1912 at cox.net
Tue Jul 17 08:44:22 UTC 2007

"Pete Stephenson" <pete+usenet at heypete.com> wrote in message 
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> I have a Garmin eTrex Yellow that gets pretty good signal outside, but I
> believe it's just a passive antenna. It gets no signal inside. There's
> an ideal spot on an out-of-the-way steel railing[1] where the magnetic
> GPS 18 could be mounted with a clear view of about 70% of the sky.
> [1] Not a hand rail. It's about 10 feet from a small set of stairs where
> all the foot traffic goes, and is basically to prevent stupid people
> from falling down a small (three foot) drop. There's no foot or vehicle
> traffic anywhere near it, and one needs to cross some pointy rocks to
> get to the railing.

I hope your apartment complex is not particularly prone to theft.  Even if 
that railing is not exactly on the beaten track, someone could still 
recognize your antenna, if not as a GPS, then certainly as a piece of 
electronic equipment worth a (few) hundred bucks.   Not something you want 
to just leave around for someone to find.

Brian Garrett 

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