[ntp:questions] Wrong time after changing hardware

Marc Muehlfeld marc.muehlfeld at web.de
Mon Jul 23 06:26:27 UTC 2007


Tom Smith schrieb:
> 1) Stop (x)ntpd
> 2) Delete your existing ntp.drift file (the path should be shown in
>    your ntp.conf)
> 3) Run "ntpdate -b [a reliable server]"
> 4) Start (x)ntpd

I allready did the described steps. But it changed nothing. Also a new 
ntp.drift file is not created. The old one contained "0.000". Also i 
completely reinstalled the service.

Im sure that I look to the right file. /etc/ntp.conf shows me
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/drift/ntp.drift
And thats the file i look at.

> This will re-initiliaze the drift rate for your new hardware. Give it
> a day or 2 to settle without stopping (x)ntpd. If you still have
> a problem at that point, you may have some other hardware-related
> issue, but that's the first step.

I had bought and installed this mainboard on two other servers and there I 
have the same problem. Without syncronizing the time, the time is allways 
wrong of about 6-10 sec. per 12h. The mainboard, I use is a Supermicro PDSME+ 

Currently my workaround is, to restart ntpd every hour on the server. At this 
time the time is sycronized. Then the other machines who syncronize with my 
ntp server via ntpdate, get the right time. Not a fine solution, but at the 
moment, it works.

Maybe it's really a problem with the kernel shipped with 10.0, like Martin 
Burnicki wrote.

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