[ntp:questions] Wrong time after changing hardware

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Mon Jul 23 23:51:38 UTC 2007

David L. Mills wrote:
> Per,
> Aside. The Linux style to provide an initial frequency file with ASCII 
> zero content completely defeats the rapid initial frequency calculation. 
> At first startup of a virgin system, the location of the file should be 
> specified, but the file itself should not exist. This is the latest in a 
> long list of Linux attempts to fix something that ain't broke.
> Dave



If the ntp documentation does not explicitly state that rule as you 
stated it above, I'm not surprised the Linux, and probably many others, 
are getting it wrong.  This is the first time that I have encountered 
this rule.  This may, of course, be due to my failure to read the docs 
with sufficient care.

If I may offer a suggestion, ntpd should probably not use a "stale" 
drift file; if it's more than a couple of hours old, ignore the drift 
file and calculate the drift from scratch!  Imagine, for example, a 
power failure of several hours duration.  No power probably means no 
heat and certainly means no air conditioning so even if a drift file 
exists, it will probably be wildly wrong!

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