[ntp:questions] Is there any non-obvious reason why NTP won'tincrease the polling rate on a new system?

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Tue Jul 24 16:04:43 UTC 2007

> In most of the local stratum 2-3 servers I've setup for the first time, 
> they spend an hour or two querying the remote servers at 64s. Within a 
> few hours, they increase the polling time up to 1024s and there they 
> remain barring any major problems.
>Yesterday I configured a new stratum 2 system[1]. With a basic ntp.conf 
>file[2] it fetches time and syncs the clock to the proper time within a 
>few milliseconds. However, even after running for 13+ hours, it refuses 
>to increase the poll interval higher than 64s.

Perhaps the network jitter is too high or NTP can't get accurate time
figures at 1024 intervals so it lowers the poll time to keep things stable /

You can always force the times via minpoll & maxpoll settings for the server
lines. I've noticed sometimes when I set 'minpoll 4' for a local stratum 0
source, the other sources never go above 64 (all LAN anyhow, so not a big
deal for me), but I don't set the maxpoll var either.

> [3] Does anyone have any means of reaching the time server admins at 
> witime? Their pubts1-sj.witime.net server is seriously borked, and the 

You can also try postmaster at ... As that should always go to the root /


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