[ntp:questions] Release Candidate for new Windows Installer(4.2.4p3-RC1)

Pete Stephenson pete+usenet at heypete.com
Thu Jul 26 18:36:19 UTC 2007

In article <8LKdnXBIjrl6-BTbRVn_vgA at giganews.com>,
 Guy Macon <http://www.guymacon.com/> wrote:

> http://www.meinberg.de/download/ntp/windows/time-server-monitor/ntp-time-serve
> r-monitor-0.9n.exe

I've had some strange errors with TSM 0.9n. They mostly involve viewing 
a server's monlist and performing name resolution of the listed clients.

TSM throws up a blank error window, and then fails to respond to any 
input, requiring one to use Windows XP's "End Now" function.


Also, with multiple time servers (I monitor the local stratum 2 server, 
as well as the two stratum 3's that get time from it) it occasionally 
forgets which server it's looking at and the data shown is for the 

For example, there are three tabs:
[ Localhost ] [ ] [ ]

I'll be viewing the status of, and all will be going well. 
However, it occasionally changes the data displayed to that of 
Localhost, while still having the tab selected.


There's a few other minor issues (reverting back to 10s queries to the 
server whenever one switches tabs, even if one set the interval to be 
higher or lower) which are hardly worth writing about as it's still not 
even a 1.0 release.

That said, TSM is very useful and handy.

Pete Stephenson

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